The Healthy
Environment System 

A comprehensive biological defence system against infection and pathogens.

Healthy environments are not just about cleaning. They are about hygiene and limiting exposure to pathogens and removing harmful toxins.

Many of the most dangerous threats in our environments are invisible: on surfaces and air-borne.

Most cleaning protocols do not test for the invisible threats we face and increase our exposure to toxins.

We want to change this by providing a comprehensive biological defence for your environment that brings together technology and bio-science.

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Floor & Waste Defence

Our microbial technology produces detergents that outperform traditional products in the control of odour, insects, microbes, fungi, etc.


Surface Defence

Safe, hospital-grade disinfectants deliver a long-lasting biostatic layer of protection for all surfaces using non-toxic ingredients.


Hygiene Defence

World-leading hand sanitizers help your people maintain the highest standards of sanitation and hygiene to prevent the spread of disease.


Air Defence

Clean air from our air defence system prevents air-borne pathogens from contaminating your environment and threatening your people.


Social Defence

For spaces where large numbers of people enter, temperature checking and crowd control measures can help limit the spread of infection.


ATP & Air-Quality Testing 

We use regular ATP and air-quality testing to make the invisible visible and ensure continued protection from harmful microbes.


The Healthy Environments Process

We provide a turnkey solution to deliver a Healthy Environment to your
organization with a simple four-step process:


Risk Assessment

We perform ATP testing to establish the hygiene “benchmark” and to identify current cleaning protocols and chemicals used.


Cleaning Protocol

We develop a new protocol to meet the hygiene needs of the present and immediate future of your premises.



We train your cleaning personnel to deliver the Healthy Environments System and provide ongoing hygiene and protection.


Implementation and Follow Up

We implement the agreed solution alongside your cleaning team and follow up with regular ATP testing to ensure that your environment achieves long-term improvements.

The Healthy Environment Sanitisation service
Smarter Ways To Clean With Luke Bordin

The Healthy Environments Team

Our team includes world-leading experts with experience in international health crisis response, crisis management, occupational and environmental medicine, WH&S, product development, and the health industry.

Dr Robert McCartney

Occupational medicine specialist and Certified Medical Review Officer for ASX companies

Dr Ian Norton

Specialist emergency physician and founder of Respond Global

Luke Bordin

Infection control specialist and founder of Learning Sphere

Roger White

Chemicals industry specialist and experienced Technical, Regulatory Compliance & Quality Manager

Keep staff, customers
and the public safe

The toxic, bleach-based cleaning chemicals used by most organisations may give the appearance of cleanliness but this doesn’t necessarily equate to health.

The health and safety concerns of employees, customers, and the public have been raised with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Organisations that ignore these concerns may fall foul of compliance regulations as well as facing operational and HR difficulties.

According to the COVID-19 Employer Guide released by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry :

“Employers have a duty to provide and maintain, so far as is reasonably practicable, a working environment that is safe and without risks to the health of employees. This includes identifying risks to health or safety associated with potential exposure to COVID-19 – and taking measures to control these risks.”

Your reputation and productivity may be at stake. We want to help you protect them.

We will measure air quality and hygiene levels regularly. You can publicly display these to help people feel safe.

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Healthy Environment

Who Are We?

We have searched the world for products and procedures to create healthy environments.

The current focus on Covid-19 has spurred this search and we have found some world-leading products to help combat the virus here in Australia.

Beyond this, our longer-term mission to help committed employers reduce the costs of absenteeism and presenteeism and provide a safe and healthy workplace where sickness and illness  are minimised.

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