About Us

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Removing toxins and pathogens from our everyday environments

The Healthy Environments initiative is about introducing world-leading products and procedures to create safer and healthier spaces for people here in Australia.

To us, a healthy environment is not just one where pathogens are eliminated – but where toxins are minimised too.

What We Do

Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, we were already sourcing products to replace the harmful, toxic bleach and chlorine-based chemicals that almost all traditional cleaning protocols are based around.

These create the appearance of cleanliness – but at what cost to longer-term health?

Besides, current protocols only reach about 25% of room surfaces, making many current cleaning and infection control systems practically obsolete – especially since Covid-19.

Beyond helping to combat the coronavirus, our longer-term mission is to reduce the costs of absenteeism for committed employers who are looking to provide a safe and healthy workplace where sickness and disease is minimised.

We want to do this by providing cost-effective, accessible, practical, safe, scalable and multifocal solutions for organisations around the country.

Our vision

  • To eliminate poisons from work environments wherever possible
  • To provide safe and healthy environments that people feel confident to work in
  • To reduce employee anxiety in entering co-working spaces
  • To assist productivity for employers by reducing absenteeism

Our Advisory Board

Our Healthy Environment journey started with breakthrough biological cleaning protocols but the workplace for the 2020s must look beyond cleaning. It requires a commitment to employee wellbeing, safety and health.

To provide you with access to the most up to date and specialist advice in health , crisis response , and workplace safety we work with a group of experts we refer to as our Advisory Board .

With their support we can also advise you and your people on maintaining and improving healthier work environments into the future.