Become A Champion

Become a Healthy Environment Champion in your industry.

Creating healthy environments is not about cleaning. That is just part of a multifocal approach required to commit to the health and safety of our people.

It’s about hygiene and industry-leading biological cleaning protocols that provide a complete biological defence system to control pathogens and infections.

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What is an H.E. Champion?

H.E. Champions are industry leaders in the commitment to creating healthy environments.

We are keen to work with like-minded organisations looking to commit to creating staff-safe environments where the health of the people working or visiting there comes first.

Some of the benefits of being a H.E. Champion include

  • A  license to use our protocols in client organisations
  • Access to regular technical updates
  • Access to training on the H.E. protocols
  • Promotional opportunities as an industry-leader
  • Access to ongoing marketing collateral and strategies
  • Access to RTO delivered training