How can my employees be confident they are in a safe and healthy workplace?

A commitment to a healthy environment by an organisation is an ongoing commitment to the health of its people: not only protecting them against pathogens and communicable diseases but also limiting exposure to harmful toxins. It is a commitment that your company should be proud of and that every employee is an integral part of.… Continue reading How can my employees be confident they are in a safe and healthy workplace?

What is a Staff Safe environment?

“Staff Safe” is a designation provided for organisations that commit to the Healthy Environment system. Organisations will display signage that indicates this commitment.

Is there any signage to display in our workplace?

We will provide signage that you can display in your workplace to promote the fact that is is a healthy environment. We also recommend that signage is installed   to remind employees and cleaners of agreed protocols.

Do we have to prepare anything before your team arrives at our premises to begin work?

Before our team arrives, clear desks as much as possible and conduct regular cleaning immediately before we begin. We can start immediately after your regular clean.

What will we need to do on a daily basis – if anything?

Other than following pre-agreed protocols with regards to hand sanitizing and (in some particularly high-risk environments) new laundry procedures for clothing, sheets, blankets, etc. your commitment to a healthy environment won’t impose on your normal daily routines. Our trained professionals will look after most aspects of the healthy environment protocols and we will provide recommendations… Continue reading What will we need to do on a daily basis – if anything?

Will you educate my people on hygiene in the workplace?

Yes, as part of the service, our professionals will help to educate your people on how to create and maintain a healthy environment for the future.

Are your products safe for my skin?

Yes. The biostatic layer of our disinfectants does not cross the skin barrier or leach from the surfaces into the environment. All hand sanitizers we use are alcohol-free, gentle on the skin, and long-lasting so that they do not need to be used regularly during the day.

We clean every day – isn’t that enough?

If you want to keep surfaces clean, daily cleaning provides some protection but may expose your people to harmful toxins and does not provide lasting protection against pathogens and infection. Most commonly-used disinfectants are chlorine or peroxide based and therefore toxic to humans. We also find that most cleaning provides a “people clean” outcome. When… Continue reading We clean every day – isn’t that enough?