DHL Protected by Bio Protect


DHL Protected by Bio Protect

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DHL at the Front Line

DHL Supply Chain and Linfox  work with the Department of Health to design and operate a national distribution network. They  support vaccination for all, including people in rural, remote and very remote areas and others who are hard to reach.

They are  required to track and report the temperature of the vaccine at all times. The required temperature could be 2 to 8 degrees (standard cold chain temperatures) to as low as minus 70, which is needed for the Pfizer vaccine.

Purpose built dry ice containers are supplied for moving the Pfizer vaccine around Australia, as part of the Government’s global distribution deal with Pfizer.

As well as transporting the vaccines from the point of acceptance from manufacturers to vaccination administration sites, the logistics partners will be responsible for transport and management of vaccination supplies such as needles, syringes, and personal protective equipment.

DHL and Linfox,  typically deliver over 1 million vaccine doses   each week   across Australia to metropolitan, rural and remote locations, along with 3,583 deliveries of consumable

The Challenge

To take all steps necessary to keep their distribution centes and personnel safe from the risk of a covid outbreak which could disrupt this vital service.

The Solution

DHL retain Promcorp Australia  to clean their facilities.

Recognising the importance of infection control in these high risk environments Promcorp will be introducing Bio Protect Hospital Grade Disinfectant Surface Spray from 1 September.

Bio Protect Hospital Grade Disinfectant Surface Spray was chosen due to its unique features of :

  • It’s non-toxic 
  • Provides ongoing, residual protection 24/7  
  • It has been tested for 28 days 
  • Eliminates the need for toxic chemicals in daily disinfecting / cleaning. 
  • Have  TGA registration for Covid 19  plus  28 day residual activity 
  • It’s Australian  owned and  made  
  • The BioProtect Hospital Grade Surface Spray is a proven, TGA listed disinfectant that kills 99.99% of germs, is effective against COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and creates an ongoing protective barrier for up to 28 days. 

    This revolutionary technology is an invisible film-forming anti-microbial barrier that bonds to surfaces for long-lasting protection in high transmission environments (schools, hospitals, nursing homes, public transport, etc). With incredible versatility, this product can be applied :

  • with misting/fogging machines or direct spray and wipe application. The best part is it is completely chlorine & bleach-free and environmentally friendly. 
  • This product is unique in that it destroys germ cells rather than poisoning them (like most disinfectants do), it also attracts pathogens and microbes from the air through their electrochemical charge and kills them instantly upon contact.