Our Solutions

Holistic infection and pathogen control for safe, healthy & protected environments

Each of the solutions detailed below share the following characteristics



Part of a comprehensive, multifocal approach to health and safety that works best when
used as a complete system.



Designed not only for the aftermath of Covid-19 but for protection against future infectious disease threats.



Rigorously tested and proven to provide ongoing protection



Disinfectants that are largely organic, non-toxic and do not contain bleach or chlorine.

The Healthy Environment System

The Healthy Environment System is a multi-focal approach that is aimed at creating a
comprehensive biological defence for your environment.
It includes the following key elements

Surface Defence

BioProtect is listed in the ARTG no. 343410

28 Day Residual Activity for Bacteria

Routine liquid disinfectants only work when the surface is wet.

Once the disinfectant is dry or wiped off, it loses its ability to kill potentially harmful microorganisms and usually becomes contaminated to the same levels as before disinfection within 1 – 2 hours.

Our safe, non-toxic, hospital-grade disinfectants deliver a long-lasting biostatic layer of protection for all surfaces using botanical ingredients.

The antimicrobial disinfectants we use are completely free of the toxicity of the bleach-based cleaning products commonly used in Australia.

They are industry-leading, Australian manufactured products that are tested to eliminate most pathogens immediately.

The ground-breaking BIOPROTECT™ product is registered by the TGA as effective against SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus that causes COVID-19) and to provide 28 Day Residual Activity for Bacteria

Products with similar core ingredients have been shown to eradicate SARS-CoV-2 on surfaces and provide protection for more than six weeks by the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity in Melbourne and the Rega Institute of Medical Research:

“The results of the tests conducted by the Doherty and the Rega Institutes clearly demonstrate that BIOPROTECT™ eradicates SARS-CoV-2 on surfaces and provides continuous residual antimicrobial protection for an extended period of time.”

Dr. Bréchot, President of the GVN

Global BioProtect have also had testing done proving the 28 days continual anti-microbial
protection which is now shown on the Surface Disinfectant label which is TGA registered.

Hand Defence

Safe, non-flammable, long-lasting hand sanitizers help your people maintain the highest standards of sanitation and hygiene to prevent the spread of disease.

Our sanitizers are water-based and do not dry the skin, encouraging staff, visitors, and customers to use them. They also provide residual protection, eliminating the need to apply regularly throughout the day.

Our people will even help educate your people on what they can do to maintain hygiene an create a healthier environment for everyone.

Find out more about the products we use for Hygiene Defence.

Air Defence

Infectious diseases spread through the air we breathe. While the process is not wholly understood, what we do know about the mechanics of airborne transmission from a point source (the mouth), into the air and through ventilation systems is explained in this video.

You can also see in the following illustration just how minuscule pathogens like the coronavirus are:

Clean air from our air defence system prevents air-borne pathogens from contaminating your environment and threatening your people.

We use fogging equipment to disinfect the air with a fine sanitizing spray and enable the Zeta Potential to occur.

Zeta Potential or electrokinetic potential is the term used to describe the attraction of negative particles to a positive charged droplet (BioProtect) once contact is made between these two opposing charged particles BioProtect will kill the airborne bacteria or virus.

BioProtect comprises a combination of three quaternary ammonium compounds (Quats) in a water carrier. The 3 Quats in this product all contain  positive chemical charges, one contains multiple positive charges and when atomised into the air, the positive charges of the quaternary ammonium compounds attract the negatively charged microbe particles in the air, this includes pathogenic and odour causing bacteria, viruses, fungi and dust.

The smaller the droplets are atomised the longer the “hang time” in the air, the more effective the product becomes. When the microbes come in contact with the quaternary ammonium compounds their cell membranes are ruptured causing the microbes to die.  The dead microbes are bonded to the quaternary ammonium compounds to form a cluster and become heavier, gently dropping out of the air and bonding to the surface they fall on.  This prevents re-entry of the dead microbe into the air.

In addition we also offer the Sanitisation Operating System using sub micron filters and UV
light to maintain clean air for long-term protection from disease.

Find out more about the products we use for Air Defence.

Social Defence

For spaces where large numbers of people enter, temperature checking and crowd control measures can help limit the spread of infection.

These measures can help ease fears and protect your reputation as you actively demonstrate a concern for keeping staff and the general public safe.

For the public and staff

Body temperature measurement is currently the best way to determine illness.  A temperature of above 38 degrees is generally accepted to indicate sickness. Our system employs concierges and thermal cameras to monitor the body temperatures of employees and members of the public as they enter the premises – even at multiple entry points, if necessary.

Additionally, smart 3D cameras can automatically count and display the number of people entering an area, so that you can limit the visitor numbers in a particular space and maintain a healthy environment


An effective Social Defence strategy communicates the need for checking body temperature and enforcing social distancing measures, as required.

Displaying the correct signage for staff, customers, guests, and cleaners helps you inform people and enforce policies that demonstrate a pro-active interest in creating a healthy environment.

Find out more about the products we use for Social Defence.

Mould defence

Mould is a natural part of our environment, necessary in breaking down dead organic matter such as wood and leaves. However, when found indoors it is regarded as harmful to buildings, animals and humans. Moulds are simple, microscopic organisms that exist unseen virtually everywhere. When moisture and nutrients become abundant, single mould cells will settle on a surface and begin to form colonies. Once started, a colony will grow quickly spreading across walls, furniture and fabrics. Aside from the damage caused to the surfaces, mould to has been touted by health experts as “the next asbestos” proclaiming it as a world-wide health risk.

To kill the mould use BioProtect™ Industrial Treatment

BioProtect™ Industrial Treatment is an environmentally safe and user friendly biological treatment for the control of odour, rapid biodegradation of organic material and control of mould.

To prevent mould regrowth use BioProtect™ Sanitiser & Surface Protection

BioProtect™ Sanitiser & Surface Protection is a unique film forming sanitiser that kills on contact and creates an antimicrobial barrier that has persistent activity to help prevent the growth of mould

For a Wide Range of Surfaces

Designed to be easily applied by spraying, wiping or fogging. Free of the harsh chemicals found in most mould treatments such as bleach and chlorine. Both products are non-corrosive and non-staining making it suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including: fabrics, carpets, walls, concrete, brickwork, footpaths and driveways, roofs, tiles, tents, tarps or any other surface that is susceptible to mould growth.

ATP Swab Cleaning & Air-Quality Testing

We use regular ATP monitoring and air-quality testing to make the invisible visible and ensure continued protection from harmful microbes.

ATP monitoring is the industry-standard test used by the food and medical sectors to monitor hygiene levels. It measures the residual organic matter (bacteria) that remains after a clean and produces the results within 15 seconds.

If your site passes our ATP test, your premises are as clean as a hospital operating theatre. So, if you are serious about maintaining a health and pathogen-free environment, this is the logical starting place.

We conduct regular testing and, based on the results, will advise you how to improve the health and safety of your environment BEFORE a health scare arises.

Breaks down and clears out blockages in drains

The naturally occurring microbes used in BioProtect™ Drain Cleaner were specifically chosen for their superior ability to break down fats, food, soap, grease, and other organic materials without causing damage to your plumbing, grease traps or septic tanks. With regular dosing, it will help avoid the daily build up of debris and help maintain a clear and unblocked plumbing system.

How it Works ?

BioProtect™ Drain Cleaner contains a unique combination of bacterium, lipid peptides and other bio-actives that combine to create a probiotic power punch ideal for drain treatments. This unique combination accelerates the performance of waste digestion. It also improves its tolerance to extreme environments, which is one of the major difficulties with typical waste digesting bacteria.

Strategy For Advising New Healthy Environments Clients

The benefits of understanding what a new Healthy Environments client needs and ensuring the success of the BioProtect system needs to be addressed and planned at the start. Current challenges organisation’s and even cleaning companies face includes:

  • Lack of knowledge or skills when dealing with good work hygiene or infection prevention methods
  • Not having a clear understanding of the practices or knowledge that exists among frontline staff
  • Correct selection and use of disinfectants
  • Confusing the difference between cleaning and disinfecting
  • If the cleaning equipment and how these are maintained is effective
  • Containment and safe handling of possibly infectious waste (actual or possible)

The following flow chart sets out how best to assist current and new clients. This also allows opportunity to utilise experienced trainers through Government subsidised programs (where available). Clients have a means to formally recognise the training as part of Compliance and staff development.


  • Clients Industry profile ascertained
  • Current impacts to workers or visitor safety evaluated
  • COVID Plans they have instigated considered so as to create a collaborative strategy
  • Identify Key personnel for driving or reporting outcomes, recommendations, and regular communication


  • Client to assist and evaluate current practices – Use Healthy Environment Work Environment Pre-Checklist
  • Collect photos of equipment, storage, and practices to maintain cleaning equipment
  • Evaluate skill level of those leading response (especially cleaning and those interacting with visitors or customers)
  • NOTE: Where assistance may be needed to evaluate work environment and practices, an onsite Audit and recommendations can be offered by Healthy Environments industry experts


  • Methods used to clean surfaces are reviewed to incorporate BioProtect
  • Application methods and frequencies of BioProtect recommended
  • Testing effectiveness (if client seeks) through ATP tests and recording outcomes over a period


  • Gap train skills/knowledge of cleaning and disinfecting practices among staff
  • Training on applications and maintenance of BioProtect through high contact / high people traffic areas
  • Option to have staff complete the new Australian COVID competency if seeking formal recognition or compliance