The Orbel™ Hand Sanitiser Applicator

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Increasing hand-hygiene compliance:
one swipe at a time

Orbel is a patented hand sanitiser applicator designed to increase hand-hygiene compliance and help prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and infections.

The highly effective Orbel is presented for professional use and is a convenient, always accessible, method of distributing antiseptic hand-sanitising gel to the hand. It allows quick accomplishment of the important act of hand-hygiene when hands are not visibly dirty and enables employees to maintain hand-hygiene compliance irrespective of activity type, while maintaining productivity

Orbel ensures hand-hygiene compliance is not complex, expensive or embarrassing, with no need for expensive remote monitoring systems. The positive reinforcement provided by Orbel is a powerful and effective tool to help change hand-hygiene behaviour.

The Orbel™ Advantage
  • Portable: Worn on the belt or convenient point of attachment, Orbel is always accessible. This is especially important when working in an environment where there is limited or no access to hand washing facilities.
  • Single-handed activation: Only one hand is required to activate the Orbel and dispense sufficient hand sanitiser to disinfect both hands.
  • Multidirectional balls: Sanitiser application is facilitated to all parts of your hands to ensure all-over protection.
  • Formulary: The Orbel is available in conjunction with highly effective ethyl-alcohol or waterbased hand sanitiser formulas, formulated for persistent effect, to suit a wide variety of industry needs. After repeated use hands are left moisturised and clean, not dry and irritated.
  • Compliance: Orbel use induces habitual drivers that increase hand-hygiene compliance.
The Orbel Advantage for employers

Apart from increasing hand-hygiene compliance and protecting workers and clients from exposure to a range of infections, Orbel™ use provides other major benefits, including:

  • Contributing to an increase in work performance and productivity;
  • Contributing to the reduction and cost of absenteeism. Reports estimate that absenteeism costs the US economy alone some $227 billion a year due to lost productivity associated with poor health1;
  • Demonstrating an employers commitment to employee health and wellbeing and forming the cornerstone of any workplace wellness program;
  • Complementing existing hand-hygiene protocols;
  • Habituating good hand-hygiene practise;
  • Increasing customer perceptions of venue cleanliness;
  • Cost effective when measured by ROI.

How to use the Orbel


Clip the Orbel to your belt or pocket.


With your thumb and fingers together, swipe your hand, including your thumb, over the balls in a downward motion, beginning with your fingertips and finishing with the heel of your palm. This action activates the multi-directional balls and releases the hand sanitiser.


Rub both hands together to distribute the sanitiser evenly.

The hand sanitiser range

The Orbel™ is available with these highly effective hand sanitiser formulas:

Kills 99.99% of germs on contact
Rapid and broad spectrum kill
Contains over 70% ethylalcohol
Effective against norovirus
Persistent for up to 6 hours
Reduces risk of skin irritation
Improves skin condition and
supports repeated use
Safe for use across a wide range
of industries